Lately I feel like I am finding myself and figuring out who I am. It all started with a simple haircut; I cut my hair short taking off about 4 inches and adding layers. I then decided what I want to go to school for finally. I wish to go into animal assisted therapy and will be using an online college. Now I am finding new clothes that are changing from a teenager to a young adult style. Finding a hobby is something else new. Photography is something I have always been interested in and now I have found a camera which I have asked to have as a Christmas present. I would buy it myself but with me trying to start school I am on a budget now. I have found that I am a lot happier and not so moody with everything. Even work is changing for me . I am trying to go from being a pizza cook to a server. Hopefully that will happen soon but they do have to find someone to replace me before I can really change what I do.

All in all I am very happy and am starting to understand who I am .