I have a problem of being really shy and not being able to talk to people as much as I would like because of this. It is hard for me to go and ask someone about something because I feel like I am bothering them.

For example, I am trying to become a waitress at the place I work at. Currently I am a pizza cook but have become unhappy doing this. I asked the manager who is in charge of severs about this. I was really nervous about asking but was happy I found the courage to do this. That was about 2 months ago and I haven’t really heard anything back from him . The problem is that they need to find someone to replace me and that is taking sometime. I have been advised to ask him how things are going but I haven’t been able to catch him and I am to anxious to confront him.

I am hoping things might progress more after people go back to college and something opens up. Still, I have to ask him so that I can know what is going on.