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Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII second wife and was accused of being a witch and adulteress. There are mixed opinions on her as some believe the accusations against her and others believe in her innocence.

She , by the urging of her father and uncle, seduced the King while he was still married to his first wife Katherine of Aragon. Anne played the King for a couple years so that she could become Queen. King Henry was enraptured by her and set about trying to get the Pope to give him a divorce based on the face that Katherine had been married to his older brother. When the Pope refused to give him want he wanted he started the reformation of the church. Henry broke away from the Pope and made himself Supreme Head of the church. The marriage between Katherine of Aragon and Henry VII was declared null and void. Anne married Henry in secret and was believed to be with child at the time. With Katherine put aside, Anne was made Queen. Not everyone was happy about this. The people loved Katherine as she was a generous and nice Queen.

Anne had many enemies at court. Not many were happy with the rise of her family nor the fact that she was changing their church. She was the figure head of the reformation. She worked with Thomas Cromwell and others to help break away from Catholicism.

Even though Henry went through so much trouble to be with Anne, he still had affairs with other women. Anne being Anne did not take this very well and would argue with him about it. King Henry was use to getting his own way and no one would argue with him about it. So you can imagine his anger with Anne when she did this. They had more problems when Anne started to miscarry children. So far she had only given him a daughter, Elizabeth. Eventually Henry decided that he had been seduced by witchcraft and that his marriage to Anne was null and void based on the account he had had relations with her sister. Everything then went downhill from there for Anne. She was arrested for witchcraft and for having affairs with different men including her own brother.

During her trial she refused to plead guilty and kept declaring she was innocent. Unfortunately King Henry wanted her gone. She was sentenced to beheading by a french swordsman. Anne was executed in May 1536.

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