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Dracula Untold is a movie about he origins of the famous vampire Dracula. It is actually more about the human Vlad Tepes or better known as Vlad the Impaler.

The movie put a different twist on the King of all Vampires. It shows a different side to Vlad that not many people would think of . He is shown as a loving father, husband and prince. He becomes a vampire so that he may protect his people and keep his son from being taken my the Turkish ruler. It shows that he makes a huge sacrifice in what he does seeing as many people view vampires as demons and monsters. They show this by using a scene where his OWN people try to burn him alive when they see what he has become. So much for gratitude. Vlad just saved their lives and they let their fear control them. Lucky for them Mirena(Vlad’s wife) stops him from taking their lives. No one could blame him for being angry.

This movie plays on your emotions a bit. You are happy, sad, and angry at times. The scene that really ripped my heart out was when Mirena dies. She falls off the tower and Vlad tries to reach her in time but ends up catching her at the last minute. Vlad then is told by here to drink her blood so that he may stay a vampire and save their son. (In the movie if a vampire does not drink human blood within 3 days they will go back to being human). So he does as she wishes and his scream of pain just hurt me so much. Luke Evans, the actor that plays him, did a wonderful job portraying all his emotions.

Another scene that hurt was when Vlad gives up his son to the priest because all the vampires that he just created want to kill his son. He tells his son that he will always love him and just before he uses his powers to remove the clouds he says up to the sky”He’s safe now Mirena”. He then removes the clouds and burns the vampires while also burning himself. It was just so sad especially since his son witnesses this the entire time.

This movie was so very good and I really loved having a different Dracula then what we are used to. I say Luke Evans played Dracula very well and really showed all the emotions to where I thought it was all real.