Finding Myself


Lately I feel like I am finding myself and figuring out who I am. It all started with a simple haircut; I cut my hair short taking off about 4 inches and adding layers. I then decided what I want to go to school for finally. I wish to go into animal assisted therapy and will be using an online college. Now I am finding new clothes that are changing from a teenager to a young adult style. Finding a hobby is something else new. Photography is something I have always been interested in and now I have found a camera which I have asked to have as a Christmas present. I would buy it myself but with me trying to start school I am on a budget now. I have found that I am a lot happier and not so moody with everything. Even work is changing for me . I am trying to go from being a pizza cook to a server. Hopefully that will happen soon but they do have to find someone to replace me before I can really change what I do.

All in all I am very happy and am starting to understand who I am .

Being Shy


I have a problem of being really shy and not being able to talk to people as much as I would like because of this. It is hard for me to go and ask someone about something because I feel like I am bothering them.

For example, I am trying to become a waitress at the place I work at. Currently I am a pizza cook but have become unhappy doing this. I asked the manager who is in charge of severs about this. I was really nervous about asking but was happy I found the courage to do this. That was about 2 months ago and I haven’t really heard anything back from him . The problem is that they need to find someone to replace me and that is taking sometime. I have been advised to ask him how things are going but I haven’t been able to catch him and I am to anxious to confront him.

I am hoping things might progress more after people go back to college and something opens up. Still, I have to ask him so that I can know what is going on.

Anne Boylen


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Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII second wife and was accused of being a witch and adulteress. There are mixed opinions on her as some believe the accusations against her and others believe in her innocence.

She , by the urging of her father and uncle, seduced the King while he was still married to his first wife Katherine of Aragon. Anne played the King for a couple years so that she could become Queen. King Henry was enraptured by her and set about trying to get the Pope to give him a divorce based on the face that Katherine had been married to his older brother. When the Pope refused to give him want he wanted he started the reformation of the church. Henry broke away from the Pope and made himself Supreme Head of the church. The marriage between Katherine of Aragon and Henry VII was declared null and void. Anne married Henry in secret and was believed to be with child at the time. With Katherine put aside, Anne was made Queen. Not everyone was happy about this. The people loved Katherine as she was a generous and nice Queen.

Anne had many enemies at court. Not many were happy with the rise of her family nor the fact that she was changing their church. She was the figure head of the reformation. She worked with Thomas Cromwell and others to help break away from Catholicism.

Even though Henry went through so much trouble to be with Anne, he still had affairs with other women. Anne being Anne did not take this very well and would argue with him about it. King Henry was use to getting his own way and no one would argue with him about it. So you can imagine his anger with Anne when she did this. They had more problems when Anne started to miscarry children. So far she had only given him a daughter, Elizabeth. Eventually Henry decided that he had been seduced by witchcraft and that his marriage to Anne was null and void based on the account he had had relations with her sister. Everything then went downhill from there for Anne. She was arrested for witchcraft and for having affairs with different men including her own brother.

During her trial she refused to plead guilty and kept declaring she was innocent. Unfortunately King Henry wanted her gone. She was sentenced to beheading by a french swordsman. Anne was executed in May 1536.

Information found in:

The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir and

The Tudors by G.J.Meyer

Dracula Untold


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Dracula Untold is a movie about he origins of the famous vampire Dracula. It is actually more about the human Vlad Tepes or better known as Vlad the Impaler.

The movie put a different twist on the King of all Vampires. It shows a different side to Vlad that not many people would think of . He is shown as a loving father, husband and prince. He becomes a vampire so that he may protect his people and keep his son from being taken my the Turkish ruler. It shows that he makes a huge sacrifice in what he does seeing as many people view vampires as demons and monsters. They show this by using a scene where his OWN people try to burn him alive when they see what he has become. So much for gratitude. Vlad just saved their lives and they let their fear control them. Lucky for them Mirena(Vlad’s wife) stops him from taking their lives. No one could blame him for being angry.

This movie plays on your emotions a bit. You are happy, sad, and angry at times. The scene that really ripped my heart out was when Mirena dies. She falls off the tower and Vlad tries to reach her in time but ends up catching her at the last minute. Vlad then is told by here to drink her blood so that he may stay a vampire and save their son. (In the movie if a vampire does not drink human blood within 3 days they will go back to being human). So he does as she wishes and his scream of pain just hurt me so much. Luke Evans, the actor that plays him, did a wonderful job portraying all his emotions.

Another scene that hurt was when Vlad gives up his son to the priest because all the vampires that he just created want to kill his son. He tells his son that he will always love him and just before he uses his powers to remove the clouds he says up to the sky”He’s safe now Mirena”. He then removes the clouds and burns the vampires while also burning himself. It was just so sad especially since his son witnesses this the entire time.

This movie was so very good and I really loved having a different Dracula then what we are used to. I say Luke Evans played Dracula very well and really showed all the emotions to where I thought it was all real.

The Elf who should not have been in the Hobbit.



The elf who had no place whatsoever in the world of Middle Earth is the red headed Captain of the Guard Tauriel. She was a completely useless character that should not have had her own storyline. If she had just been a back round character then I would have been fine with her addition. Instead the writers made a love triangle with Kili, her and Legolas. This was a waste of time and took the story away from the main character Bilbo.

Now the whole love story was just terrible. Elves and dwarves do not like each other and have never had any sort of love story. Tauriel some how falls in love with a dwarf that she just met and who told her that “he could have anything down his trousers”. Wow, that would make any woman fall in love wouldn’t it. She then decides to forsake her kingdom to go save her supposed love and tricks Legolas into helping her by saying some crap about how they are apart of the world. She just wants to save her little boyfriend. Also, she abandons Legolas to fight the orcs so she can save Kili. This is just some crap they had to throw in that looks like how Arwen helped Frodo. The love story tears the last movie apart. Fili and Kili were suppose to die defending their Uncle which is the most honorable thing that they could do. Unfortunately they decided that Kili should die protecting Tauril instead and lets not mention how Fili just dies right away so we have time for this.

All in all she was a terrible character and really had no place in the movies at all. She is a disgrace to all things Middle Earth.

New to This

I am very new to this whole blogging thing. I want to write stuff that are about history and about J.R.R. Tolkein who is my favorite author. I hope to learn how to write better due to blogging and to get experience writing reports on historical happenings. History is something I want to major in . I would love to work somewhere where I would do some researching which is why I mainly started this blog. So please bear with me as I learn how to do this.